Statistical analysis of factors that affect survival time of HIV/AIDS patients at Sidama zone

Tofik Mussa Reshid, Hawassa University

AIDS is an epidemic that affect many people living in every part of the globe. The epidemic has immense impacts on economy of the world. Ethiopia is one most affected countries in the disease. In this study survival analysis methodology is used to analyze the probability of patients survival time given their status in different categories and practices. These categories and practices may be regarded as behavioral and natural factors. Using parametric and semi-parametric cox proportional regression we are tried to identify factors that affect the survival time of HIV/AIDS patients. The study is conducted in two hospitals, Yirgalem and Adare in Sidama zone. We collect a sample of 252 patients under the follow up of ART. We found that smoking, Imbibe alcohol, use of chat and TB treatment highly affect the survival time of the patients.

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