The pattern and risk of alcohol and cannabis use among tertiary institution students in Northwestern Nigeria

Musa A. Kana, Kaduna State University
Bawa Sunday, Kaduna State University
Simon Balat, Kaduna State University
Kamal Abdulkareem, Kaduna State University
Henry V. Doctor, World Health Organization (WHO) EMRO

WHO estimates show that 8.9% of total burden of disease is accounted by psychoactive substance use. Globally, youths have been identified as a risk group for its use and dependence but there is knowledge gap in Northern Nigeria. This study assessed the pattern and risk of psychoactive substance use among university students in northwestern Nigeria. Cross-sectional data on drug use were collected from January to April 2015 among 354 (68.5% males; 31.5% females) university students in Kaduna, Northwestern Nigeria. The mean age of students was 22 years. The prevalence of alcohol use was 29.7% (33.9% males; 20.6% females) whereas the prevalence of cannabis use was 10.7% (males 14.0%; females 3.6%). We discuss these results and provide recommendations within the context of existing challenges and opportunities to deploy effective health promotion interventions including a review of academic curriculum to include modules on substance abuse. Key words: Nigeria; Prevalence; Psychoactive substance use; Risk; Sub-Saharan Africa

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