Reach and utilization of maternal and child health services in India: a study of women and reproductive health

Murugesan Palani, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

The present paper therefore aims to provide the prevailing situation regarding reach and utilization of the MCH services in India as well as among the different states. It was observed that in India around 77 percent women received antenatal care for their most resent birth doing the five years residing the survey. Interestingly the rate of increase was higher in rural area as compared with urban areas. State-wise variations were noticed with regard reach and utilization of antenatal care services. Further, highest cases of safe delivery assisted by health personnel were found for the state of Tamil Nadu (91 percent) and lowest for Nagaland (12 percent). With regard to child care services percentage values obtained for fully vaccinated children range from 81 percent from Tamil Nadu and 21 percent for Nagaland. In addition attempt would be made to discus some of the plausible reasons for the variation in the utilization of MCH services.

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Presented in Poster Session 4