The life of the female migrants around the Agbogbloshie, Kwasiajaso and Malata markets in the Greater Accra region

Morkor Akita, University of Ghana

The paper sought to explore patterns, adaptation and lifestyle of female migrants from various regions found around some selected markets in the Greater Accra region namely Agbogbloshie, Kwasiajaso and Malata. There are many different socio-cultural and economic factors that influence female migration. The paper tried to understand the trends and patterns of female migration, examine the adaptation strategies and the economic determinants of female migration together with their lifestyle. Fifty (50) female migrants were selected randomly from the three major markets and interviewed using an in-depth interview guide to obtain relevant information. The findings revealed the category of female migrants, reasons and causes of migration together with their coping strategies. Preference was given to place of origin if there had been job opportunities. It was recommended that policy makers and other stakeholders make an effort to provide economic support for these females to reduce the rate of migration.

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Presented in Session 69: Female Migration: Patterns, Adaptation and Lifestyle