Indirect estimation of inter-censal net migration rates in Kenya: county level analysis

Milton A. Bwibo, University of Nairobi
Alfred Otieno Agwanda, University of Nairobi
George Odipo, University of Nairobi

The objective of the study was to estimate net Inter-Censal age-sex migration rates using Age-Specific Growth Rate Technique in all Counties of Kenya.The findings showed that migration in the metropolitan areas; Nairobi and Mombasa reflected the same age-specific migration patterns as in the previous censuses, suggesting that major forces attracting the people into and/or repelling them from these two regions are nearly similar. In-migrants in these two regions were in the age groups 5-34 for both sexes, whereas out-migrants were aged 35 years onwards. Migration patterns and levels in re-settlement areas were found to have reduced significantly. The net flow of young children aged 5-9 years seeking for education is observed in almost all rural counties accompanied by their mothers. The counties with large rural populations experienced massive out-flow of youth aged 15-34 years, whereas the urban counties exhibited out-flow of older population from age 35 years.

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