Economic and health implications of aged population in Tamilnadu

Palanivel Murugesan, Annamalai University

In the world countries people aged 60 years and above, constitute less than 20 percent of the population in 2000 which will become 32 percent by 2050. The health status of the aged person depends on socio economic conditions and availability of health services in the community. Aged people are mostly facing the loneliness, health and economic problems. Owing to the growing problems of the old, this paper tries to study the Economic and Health Implications of Aged Population. Household income is maximum for old persons of age above 70 years irrespective of the type of family. In this study personal expenditure is greater in joint family as compared to nuclear family. It is interesting to observe that in nuclear family as age increases expenditure decreases whereas the reverse situation exists in joint family. There is close association with the age factor, health expenditure and personal health problems.

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Presented in Poster Session 2