Quality issues on data on urban children in North Africa: conceptual framework for data collection, analysis and dissemination

Yasir A. Elmubarak, University of Gezira, Sudan

Data on children in the MENA region is in most cases fragmented, disarrayed and foremost is defective and incomplete. The objective of this paper is to conceptualize a framework to deal with data on urban children at the local levels in the MENA Region, and to identify the best methods to collect, analyze, and disseminate such data. Furthermore, the paper is an attempt to identify the indicators that are most discriminate on the well being of urban children in the region. This paper will propose the minimum required sets of these indicators. Another type of factors includes those relating to public and basic services particularly: Education, health, nutrition, social phenomena such as child labor, street children, and Juvenile delinquencies. The paper will develop an analytical framework to illustrate the types of data required from household surveys & censuses at the municipality level to provide health & socio-economic indicators for children.

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Presented in Poster Session 4