Uptake of HIV and sexual and reproductive health services among adolescents and young people aged 10-24 in Nyanza, Kenya - lessons learned from the Access, Services and Knowledge program

Janet Mugo, Centre for the Study of Adolescence
Stephen Yambi, Centre for the Study of Adolescence
Albert Obbuyi, Centre for the Study of Adolescence

In Kenya, young people have inadequate access to HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health services. The Access, Services and Knowledge (ASK) links young people to HIV and reproductive health services. A total of 14,601 adolescents and young people aged 10-24 accessed HIV and SRH services between January 2014 and July 2015. 6737 young people accessed contraceptives. 2804 young people sought VCT services; majority was girls (1979) compared to 825 males. More females (2589) accessed ARVs compared to 1681 males. 480 females took pregnancy tests and out of those, 88% (424 girls) were aged between 15 and 19. 106 females accessed post-abortion care services. It is important to address health needs of adolescents and young people and enable them exercise their reproductive health rights. Research will be carried out understand what informs adolescents and young people’s contraceptive choices, HIV knowledge and prevention and reasons for seeking abortion and post-abortion care services.

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Presented in Poster Session 4