A multi sector perspective on the situation of adolescent girls in Zambia: challenges and opportunities

Anne Bakilana, World Bank Group
Shubha Chakravarty, World Bank Group
Rifat Hasan, World Bank Group
Ayesha Khan, World Bank Group
Christin McConnell, World Bank Group
Corrina Moucheraud, Harvard School of Public Health
Mupuwaliywa Mupuwaliywa , World Bank Group
Sophie Naudeau, World Bank Group
Berk Ozler, World Bank Group
Musonda Rosemary Sunkutu, World Bank Group

A Multi-sectoral Perspective on the Situation of Adolescent girls in Zambia We examine the situation of adolescent girls in Zambia, including in the context of the sub-region; map existing policies, showcase international evidence as a path to identifying possible policies that could address early marriage and teenage pregnancies and improve lifelong outcomes for girls. The multi-sector analysis is anchored by the population and development framework, focusing on the role of adolescents in determining the potential for demographic dividends. The analysis is organized around the entry points of the multiple transitions during adolescence as laid out in the 2007 World Development Report; hence addressing the multi-sectoral challenges facing adolescent girls as they transition to adulthood: maintaining girls in school, equipping them with skills, starting a family and adopting a healthy lifestyle as well as addressing early childhood development needs of their children.

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Presented in Poster Session 2