Impact of diabetes on infant mortality in Lesotho

Teboho Letuka, National University of Lesotho

Lesotho has witnessed high maternal and infant mortality.The 2009 DHS reported 91 deaths per 1000 live births of infant mortality, it also stipulates that 1 in every 9 child born in Lesotho dies before reaching age 5 . Diabetes is a very dangerous disease and if not treated can lead to sickness or ultimately death; this paper concentrates on how GDM affects women through its impact during pregnancy and how it poses a threat to the health of both mother and child.With evidence from previous research, it can be seen that diabetes does affect infant mortality in a large spectrum and may even harm the health of the mother. Even though results did not show as much a difference as to how diabetes affect the infant mortality of Lesotho, a conclusion was reached that a more detailed study should be undertaken in the near future.

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Presented in Poster Session 2