Stakeholders’ perspectives on human trafficking, health and HIV in South Africa

Joshua Aransiola, Obafemi Awolowo University
Christina Zarowsky, University of the Western Cape

The extent and dynamics of human trafficking and implications for health and HIV in South Africa are contested, with little empirical evidence on trafficked people, traffickers, or the perspectives of actors involved with these issues. Desk review and 26 in-depth interviews with senior staff on trafficking or HIV/AIDS working for at least 2 years with NGOs/International Organisations and government departments were conducted. The dynamics of trafficking are complex and include collusion by law enforcement officers and physicians. Three main categories of rights violations emerged: perpetration of crimes against victims, their use to perpetrate crime and denial of justice for rescued victims prior to the enactment of human trafficking legislation in South Africa which all have implications on their health. Hence, human trafficking needs to be specifically addressed as a health, HIV and human rights issue in South Africa, without which the full achievement of the aims of the human trafficking law may remain an unfulfilled dream

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Presented in Poster Session 4