Identification of dimensions of client satisfaction with comprehensive abortion care

Bekalu Mossie Chekol, Ipas, Ethiopia
Tamirie Andualem, Addis Ababa University

Satisfaction with health services has been recognized as one of the most vital indicators of quality. This study aimed to identify underlying dimensions of satisfaction with comprehensive abortion care (CAC) and determine their relative importance. The study utilized qualitative and quantitative methods. In-depth interviews with 16 clients were conducted and a total of 450 clients completed survey. Principal component exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and regression analysis were used to identify dimensions and determine their relative importance, respectively. Factor analysis indicated that the construct is a multidimensional consisted of five components accounting for 60.48 % of the variance. Regression coefficients demonstrated that components have the following order of importance: art of care (0.410), physical environment (0.366), information (0.269), quality of care (0.244), and privacy and confidentiality (0.197) . Therefore, in improving the quality of CAC services, attention should be given to these dimensions according to their order of value.

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