Domestic violence by women against their partners in Nigeria

Chinwe Nwanna, University of Lagos
Michael Kunnuji, University of Lagos

Victims of domestic violence are more often than not, women and children. However, studies have shown that men are also victims of violence by their spouses. The main thrust of this paper is to assess the predictors of domestic violence against men in Nigeria. Data were generated from 2013 NDHS. Using SPSS version 21, bivariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis were run. The findings indicated that region, education, marital and employment status, experience of violence and alcohol consumption by the partners were found to be the significant predictors of domestic violence against men. Highly educated, divorced and separated, employed women, those whose husbands/partners drink alcohol, women who have experienced domestic violence and those who reside in North East, North central, South East and South South zones are more likely than others to perpetrate violence against their husbands/partners. Both partners should be counselled and educated about the dangers of domestic violence.

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Presented in Poster Session 3