The effects of socio-economic factors on the utilization of maternal health care services in Jharkhand: evidence from DLHS-3 (2007-08), India

Jaymangal Chandra, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

The aim of this study is to investigating the effects of socio-economic factors on The utilization of maternal health care services and the sources of information for awareness among women in Jharkhand. This study has used data from DLHS-3 (2007-08). The DLHS-3 data provides information on maternal health indicators and Households and socio-economic characteristics. SPSS, STATA software and logistic regression technique has used for the analysis. This study has found that the coverage of Antenatal care (ANC) is highest in Hazaribagh district with 74.7 percent and lowest in Giridih district only 38.5 percent. And the proportion of women those who received at least three Antenatal care is only 30.5 percent and 30.8 percent women have received their first Antenatal Care in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Key words: Maternal health, Care, ANC, PNC, TT Injection, IFA Tablet/Syrup, Delivery, Utilization, source of Information, Awareness.

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