Deconstructing child labour in traditional farming communities of Southwest Nigeria: an analysis of socio-health and physical vulnerabilities

Ezebunwa Nwokocha, University of Ibadan

This investigation aimed at gaining empirical and deeper understanding on child labour in cocoa farms in Ondo and Osun States of Southwest Nigeria with a view to designing and/or redesigning intervention programmes needed to eradicate it in places where it still exists. The main objective of the research was to generate and analyze information on the scale, knowledge and current efforts by groups, government and agencies towards eliminating child labour in cocoa communities. This study reveals that child labour still exists in selected communities in varying degrees. However, it is not as rampant as was the case decades ago. There has been quite some awareness raising in recent years and in general it is considered wrong to employ young children. More focus needs be placed on preventing children that are allowed to work, not to undertake hazardous activities in the study area.

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Presented in Poster Session 4