Socio-economic status, internet use and desire to migrate ‘abroad’: experience of youth in an urban slum in Nigeria

Peter O. Adeyeye, Centre for Public Policy Alternatives

Background: The rate Nigerian youth are seeking to migrate abroad mostly through illegal means has become an embarrassment to the country raising question of labor utilization. Will youth living in Nigeria urban slums be willing to relocate abroad if opportune? What are the factors that will aid their quest to migrate? Data and Method: The study utilized data obtained in July 2015 from 200 young people aged 15-35 in Isale-Eko slum in Lagos, Nigeria. Results: A little above one- third (37%) believed that the Nigeria government has plans for its youth while majority (83%) expressed their desire to migrate abroad if chanced. Result from the binary logistic regression model showed that youth’s age, sex, form of employment, perception about government plan for the youth and frequency of internet access have significant impact on their desire to migrate abroad. Findings demonstrated the need for human capital investment in the study area.

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Presented in Poster Session 2