Sex and remittance practice: challenges of female internal migrant in Nigeria

Erinfolami Temitope, Obafemi Awolowo University
Akanni I. Akinyemi, Obafemi Awolowo University
Halilu Pai, National Population Commission, Nigeria

Several people continue to rely on persons who moved away from their households to help them cope with daily domestic supplies. However, the knowledge of the consequences of these movements on the ability of the migrants within Nigeria to remit back home remains limited. Although, previous studies have shown various association between migration and remittances, not many of these studies have narrowed down on factors associated with migrants’ capacity to remit by sex. Hence this study utilized the Nigerian 2010 internal migration survey data to examine the factors associated with remittance practice among internal migrants by sex in Nigeria and examined the magnitude of remittances made by each sex controlling for socio-economic variables. The study however concluded that there was some level of disparity between male migrants’ capacity to remit compared with that of female migrants.

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Presented in Session 69: Female Migration: Patterns, Adaptation and Lifestyle